Vote Results

We Won!

The election results for Measure B are YES 52.31%, NO 47.69%. 55% is needed to win so the bond measure did not pass! We stopped these bonds!

Still More To Count

As of Sunday 3/8/2020 the ballots left to count is 126,109. More votes are being counted and new results are being updated everyday and can be found here.

How To Observe

The public can observe the counting of the votes at the Registrar of Voters. Visit 1300 South Grand Avenue, Building C Santa Ana, CA 92705 (At the corner of Grand Avenue and McFadden) during normal business hours.

Vote NO On Measure B

No Guarantees

We all want an effective public education system for our children and support greater funding to get there. Unfortunately, this proposed bond is not the answer. The proposed bond will not add one new teacher, will not reduce class size, and will not guarantee education will be improved.

Everyone Loses (Again)

Here is what another bond means to you:
- Renters will see higher rent as landlords pass on the costs of higher taxes.
- Homeowners will pay more taxes.
- Struggling mom and pop businesses will pay higher rent as landlords pass on the costs of higher taxes.
- Customers will see higher prices as businesses pass on the costs of higher taxes.

Stop Using School Resources

BUSTED! The tax proponents are at it again and this time using school resources for campaigning. Anaheim Union High School District resources were being used for a political campaign advocating passage of Measure B – the $398 million school bond placed on the March 3 ballot by the AUHSD Board of Education. Read more about it here.

Too Much Debt Already

A bond works like a government credit card with high interest rates and paying off that government credit card requires raising your taxes. They want to borrow $398 million and pay back $734 million!? This is the second time in 6 years that there has been an expensive bond on our ballot.

Money Spent Incorrectly

According to Public School Review only 46% of our students are proficient in reading and 28% proficient in math. It seems that our property tax, other bond measures, and all the money we keep pouring into the schools are still not reaching our children. We might as well be flushing our money down the toilet.

Schools Always Want More $$

Look, we have approved too many school bonds in our area already:

- AUHSD 2002 $132,000,000
- AUHSD 2014 $249,000,000
- NOCCD 2002 $239,000,000
- NOCCD 2014 $574,000,000
- Anaheim Elementary $318,000,000
- Cypress Elementary $53,600,000
- Centralia Elementary $49,000,000
- Magnolia Elementary $16,300,000
- Savanna Elementary $28,750,000
- Statewide school bonds March 2020 $15 billion!

No More Debt Please

The last two bonds and declining student enrollment has not solved the class size or overcrowding problems. More bond debt is not the answer.

Vote "NO" on Measure B, the $734,000,000 tax hike!

Children First Bond Debt NO